A Directory of Archives of Feminist Philosophers, Journals, and Organizations

This directory was created to make the archives of feminist philosophers, journals, and organizations easy to find.  Archives contain a range of primary sources, including unpublished writings, recordings and videos, syllabi, and correspondence. The goal in making feminist philosophers’ archives easier to find is to help researchers dig more deeply into feminist philosophers’ work, see connections, and understand how feminist philosophers influenced each other and how their ideas evolved over time. 

We need your help to make this directory useful! Send us information about archives that are not listed here. Create an archive for yourself if you haven’t yet done so, and send us information about it.  Encourage others to do the same–let’s help stop the tendency of women and other marginalized people to undervalue our own work! As more feminists offer their archives for research, future scholars will gain a deeper understanding of feminist work and the context surrounding its development. Read More

We welcome suggestions for entries in the directory from members of the community. Please submit suggestions to femphilarchive@gmail.com.

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We are grateful for the funding we have received from the American Philosophical Association’s Small Grant program to support creating and publicizing the directory. We also thank the College of Arts and Letters, California State University, Los Angeles, for its support.